Monday, December 28, 2009

tahun baru

i absolutely hate my job.. yes. very2 much.

i hate the batch support at wee hours. this means that i have to be in office in wee hours to solve all the prod prob.
i hate to liase with users who are pretending like they are such a big dumb a** (or maybe they are real dumb a**)
i hate my superior bosses who are very bad in management but very good in kissing upper management big dumb a*ss.

Ok enough about my job. i have so many lists of things and wishes that i wish to accomplish in yr 2010. I hope that by the end of 2010, i will be doing something else. totally different from what i've been doing for years now.

am moving on with full gears now. Just one more year to go. I pray that Allah will show me the way through. Aminn...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Excited !!!!

I'm all exited... over my current plan hehe. Checkout below cake. Don’t u think that it just gorgeous? I'm all game for the kebaya fondant class on this coming 24th Dec. Yeeehaa!! Actually that masterpiece was discovered by accident when i blog hopped. She didnt mentioned anything on class in her blog so i guess she's not into teaching at all. Then on one fine day, a colleague of mine asked me to checkout someone's blog. Tengok punya tengok, dia pun ada buat something quite similar to this. My friend and I emailed her and she agreed to teach us the fondant kebaya. Alhamdulillah! Suka gilerrrrr!!!!

Source : (they are all edible except for the cake board and the brooch)

And the next best thing is, I’ll be attending handmade chocolate class on 2 Jan. Really2 wanted to join the class for ages. But the class not always offered. ada musim la pulak. I have made full payment to secure a place in that class. Actually 2 Jan is my dear husband's bday. He doesn’t know bout my plan yet. Hopefully he's ok that I’ll be with another guy (the chef) on his birthday hahaha. To cover the loss (cewah the loss tuh), I’ll plan something for him on another date. I already have in mind on the special treats he'll be getting. Don’t get me wrong..There’s nothing kinky n naughty in the itenary of plans ya. But I’m sure he'll like it hehe. Will only reveal after the treats delivered!

Actually I planned to continue my Wilton Course 2 in Jan (have completed the Course 1 in Oct) but the plan had to be rescheduled due to money constraint. The course fee itself will be RM650. I need to set aside at least additional RM200-RM300 for the tools/colors/supplies needed in the class. Am actually tersgt hampa with the cancellation.

To make myself happy, have decided to join kelas kecil2an and the fondant kebaya will be the kick off starts of my "special treatment to myself to heal the wounds of not able to join Class 2". Wah hampa betul bunyinya kan.. hahahaha

On the other hand.. I have new resolution in mind. I will make myself available for the kids (esp my son) at least 2 hrs to layan them every night. I have spoken to my son's kindy headmaster. She told us that eventhough my son can’t speak well and can’t write properly, he is somehow a smart boy and his memory is very2 good. Yes she is absolutely right. I noticed that it is easy to teach him anything coz he is smart. So I keep telling myself that I will spend more time with him to communicate with him. I want him to talk! My husband (oh, he is one good husband and father. Thank god for giving him to us) is so good (n rajin) that he actually will teach and guide my son with his books. My son loves books and he enjoys creative works, writing, scribbling and all. He'll talk a lot with his father as he guides him with his workbooks.

hmm.. until now am still smiling over the 2 classes that i'll be attending ;). xsesabar rasanya hihi. i'll definitely will update you guys on my journey towards "becoming supermom in the kitchen" soon. watch out for my updates y'all hihi ;)

Oh i totally forgot to update on my daily meals towards my goal to lose weight.. Hmmm lain kali lah hahahahaha. I enjoy food. Susah betullah nk diet huhu

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

new resolution...

ok. lemme confess.. i've been dealing with my weight issues since ages. so now i have decided to cut down on my food intake and am going to jot down what i eat on that day so that i know what are the do's and the dont's.

so here's what i had today :

Breakfast : bihun goreng n telo mata (huhu heavy eh), air masak
Lunch : laksa penang, air cincau
tea break : oren sebijik
dinner : determine to eat only fruits or soup only tonight.

note to myself : must eat healthier food tomorrow. less fat/oil and salt/sugar.