Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Made my day

I received an order last week - a lady ordered 25pcs red velvet with cream cheese and strawberry for her dad's bday.

I was reluctant to take the order coz i wasnt had enough rest since the week before coz i baked almost everyday and i woke up at wee hours just to deco them. But then my hubby told me that just take the order coz it's for the father's bday.. probably she didnt know where else to buy cakes OR no one wants to take the order anymore. So i accepted the order nad bake her 1 set with strawberry n choc. I bake on monday night and deco the cake at 5am next day. was a tiring one indeed.

She came all the way to my office to pick up the cuppies. She's a sweet lady and she came with her sister. yesterday i mailed her asking her feedback on my cuppies. and below is the reply..

" hie...the cake is very nice.. my family like it.. i pernah mkn red velvet nie.. tapi kat hotel...i was about to order cake from org lain.. suddenly when i tgh busy2 browsing, i came accross your website... first time i jumpa org buat red velvet.. terus la order.. i made a good decesion.. the cake was good...thanks.. klu ade ape2 blh order lg nanti...BTW nice knowing you.. "
It really made my day when knowing someone out there loves my cakess. Baking is quite tiring but i'm happy when people happy with the result. when the customers are happy with my cakes, it really made my day. Feels like all the effort that i put in is "all worth it" .. ;)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I received complaints from few of my frens that they cant leave comment to my blog. So here's the announcement...

the problem has been fixed and now feel free to leave your comment/msg to my blog. Cheers!!

Lesson to learn

Aku this week dpt byk order kek. Aku ni jenis yg suka ckp ye tanpa pikir panjang.. kalau dpt 1 order 1 mlm tu ok lah. Blh la handle.. tp ni ada sorg kakak ni order blueberry cheesetart n coklat kek. Dia beria2 mintak buatkan n dia ni pun baik dgn aku, so tanpa pikir panjang aku pun ckp ye.
Pastu aku terpikir balik sempat ke nk buat sbb cheesetart tu amik masa lama nk buat. Lepas bancuh adunan crust, kena setkn dlm fridge for 30mins. Pastu nk lekatkan adunan kt mould tu one by one, pastu nk trim lagi.. mmg amik masa. Pastu bake half cook for 15mins. Pastu kuarkan, tuang cheese filling and taruk blueberry. Lorekkan n bake lg 15mins. So overall utk satu adunan cheesetart tu aje koman2 dua jam la nk buat.

Pikir punya pikir.. aku ni balik keje smpi umah dlm kul 7. Dinner smpi kul 7.40 cantuh then mandi, solat. N biasanya aku setat bekerja di dapur kul 8 la. Kul 10 or paling lewat kul 10.30 dh kena masuk tido. Dgn anak2 sekali by that time dh kena tido sbb kalu tak nnt farris sudah nk bangun pg sekolah. Aku laks kalu tak nnt kt opis manjang ngantuk.

Mana nk bake, mana nk layan anak. Safiya pulak sgt2 attach dgn aku. Sikit2 nk mama.. kalu berlama2 kt dapur kesian pulak xder sapa nk layan dia. Disebabkan itu, utk menyelamatkan keadaan, aku try tanya kwn lama yg aku kenal dr masa sekolah menengah pastu same college n next, kitorg tinggal di kawasan perumahan yg sama. Aku tanya dia blh tak dia buatkan aku moist choc cake. Sbb aku tau dia ni pun terer bake. Even dia setat seriously bake sebelum aku. Dia ckp ok. Alhamdulillah selesai satu masalah.

So pas ni, aku kena belajar pikir dulu sebelum bg persetujuan apa2.. n kalu ada 2 order dlm satu mlm, probably aku nk sub kt kwn aku ni aje. Dia pun housewife kot dia ada masa lebih nk tolong aku. Aku pun blh jugak tolong dia tambah2 pendapatan.

Harga cupcakes aku pun skrg aku dh revise balik. Sbb aku jual too low compared to other bakers. Mmg lah harga barang leh cover.. tp kos lain mcm kos aku pg cari barang, bil letrik, air. N penat lagi. So aku revise sikit dr harga dulu. Ni revision sbb terpaksa sbb aku ni pun xsmpi hati nk jual mahal2 sbb aku selalu pikir aku ni kalu org jual mahal sikit musti pikir byk kali nk beli.

Psl kelas pulak.. umm kelas tu sgt2 bagus tp mmg pricey. Dahla tu kena pulak beli byk barang utk bwk ke kelas. Mmg berpeluh dibuatnya. Course 2 and 3 aku xtaulah bila blh pg. Mmg kena bajet betul2.. ni pun rasanya aku dh byk terlebih belanja kt tmpt bukan2..

About online business, alhamdulillah.. received few calls from unknown asking about the cakes to order. Tp kadang2 xdpt nk cater semua order. Sbb skrg ni still keje fulltime n most of the time mmg busy. Syukur dgn rezeki yg Allah bg cuma skrg ni masih xberapa pandai nk bg2 masa so blm berani nk amik order byk. Dh cekap sikit esok insyaallah harap dpt kembangkan home enterprise ni aminnnn… hehe

byk menda nk kena belajar ni. bukan takat kelas nk bake n deco aje. tp cara2 nk jd usahawan. canner nk bg masa, canner nk handle masalah yg tetiba datang, canner nk minimize risk, canner nk cari supply brg lebih murah. n paling penting kena belajar cri substitution ingredients without changing the quality and the taste. yelah takkan nk jual pakai barang mahalkan. kalau pakai barang mahal nnt harga jual pun kena mahal. ummm i will take note all my mistakes that i made a long the way and hopefully, this will help me improve myself better.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Dream...

I have a dream (who doesn’t have by the way?). It is something that I always have in mind and heart. And I always wish that I were able to realize this "want" one day.

I love to bake. Any sorts of food that requires baking, be it tarts, cookies, bread but most of all, I love to bake cakes. How I wish when I filled up UPU form way back in 1996, I had applied for culinary course or pastry arts! But back then I was so determined to be an engineer (but end up in IT field. Long story anyway).

I had to slow down my baking adventure because after I got married, we rented a pigeon hole apartment and we don’t own so many things in the house. Once we moved to our own house, I don’t really bake coz I was pregnant with 2nd baby. Once the baby was born, had to forgo the hobby, as I was breastfeed and busy with the house chores and kids. But I did join few classes with friends who share the same hobby but then it was all slow progress.

Now as my kids grow up, I have more time for myself so I am back to my feet and here I am, putting all my mental and physical in full gear and I am in full swing to start things all over again. I’ll be attending a course in cake baking/decorating with ICCA (international center for cake artistry) in Wilton Course 1. I had to complete all 1-2-3 courses and had to have experience in baking/decorating cakes for friends and family if I were to be a certified as Wilton method instructor. Yes, I dreamed of become one. But for now, had to concentrate on the first course and hope it will smooth sailing one. I hope it worth the investment that I put in. I had to cut my budget and plan my money wisely, as the courses are not cheap.

Currently, I did my own small home enterprise where I bake and sell cakes whenever I received orders and mainly my orders come from my friends. I don’t really have time to do the business all out as I am still attached the bank that I’m working with now. I don’t really make good money out of the small home enterprise but I’m happy to do that because it actually helps me improve myself in baking and cake decorating (as the saying goes "practice make perfect").

I hope after I have all the experience and knowledge, I plan to go to any enterpreunership courses so that I can learn more on business tips and tricks. Who knows one day I’m not only a certified instructor but I own my bakery shop/cafĂ© on day.

As for now, am keeping my finger crossed, close my eyes to shopping temptations (need to save money remember?) and had my mind set to go all the way up the hill. I may be fall once a while as I’m climbing to the place that I wish to be, but hopefully, I will make myself way up one day. It’s ok if the progress is slow.. But slow is better than not moving at all. May Allah help me through it all.. Amin..