Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Krista First Quarter Student Progress Chart

As some of you already know, we sent Farris to Krista kindergarten since early this year. He is 4 years old and is now in Play-House Class.

Yesterday we received his first quarter progress chart from his teacher. I am writing this down in my blog because I wish one day, when he can read on his own, he’ll know what were his first "appraisal" in class(in case report ni hilang etc).

Must tell you the legend first or else you'll have heart attack over the Grade E and D thingy hehe.

E(Emerging) - Child is beginning to recognize & acquire the skill. Oustanding.

D(Developing) - Child has a basic understanding of the skill.
P(proficient) - Child has mastered this skill and can perform independently.

And here's the full report:

Abilities/Skills : Reading/Writing (a-j)
Grade : E
Comment : Farris able to recognize alphabets a-j. However he still need Teachers help to hold his hand to write.
[My comment : He actually can recognize A-Z since before he’s 4. If you point over A-Z randomly, he can recognize all of them perfectly. But we never teach him to write so I understand why he needs the teachers help to write here]

Abilities/Skills : Bacaan
Grade : E
Comment : Farris boleh mengenal dan menyebut bunyi a,e,i,o,u.

Abilities/Skills : Numbers/Counting
Grade : D
Comment : He is able to recognize and recite numbers 1-10, but not able to write independently
[My comment : Ini pun sama. Before masuk sekolah dah memang pandai]

Abilities/Skills : Language/ Communication
Grade : E
Comment : Farris needs to improve his communication skill. He try to speak but not very clear. However, he’s willing to learn from his friends and teachers. Despite of this, he can still mix well with his friends. He needs to be encouraged to converse clearly. However, he can speaks few simple English sentences

Abilities/Skills : Child’s Behaviour & Class participation
Grade : E
Comment : He’s a polite and quiet boy. He’ll join all class activities and he can mix well with his friends.
[My comment : What??? Polite and Quiet?? Hahah berlakon la tu..]

Abilities/Skills : Others (e.g. coloring, drawing, Independent etc)
Grade : E
Comment : He still needs guidance and supervision in order to make sure that he finish his work.

All in all.. Am so happy with the progress he made so far (read : I am very proud of him) coz he's not like most other 4y-o kiddos. He's having somekind of speech problem (sangat lambat bercakap n pelat. Milo jadi miwo. balik jadi bawik. malu jadi mawu etc) but he's one "terang hati" punya type of boy. It's very easy to teach him anything coz he's got good memory and he loves books as well.

These few days, he really2 love to sing ABC and Twinkle2 little star (the song will go like this -- "tweeter tweeter litte tar... ". I will record his singing and will put on youtube one day hahaha.

Anakku sudah besar sob sob..