Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ibu Mertua Baru and Awana Kijal

Last week, we went back to terengganu. My Father In law kawin lagi.. kawin lagi satu selepas kematian isterinya(my dear husband's mom) last 2 years.

Eloklaa dia kawin. at least ada gak org menemankan dia meniti hari tua. Mls nk tulis byk. The picture will speaks for itself hehe.
The pengantins

Anak2.. sesekali dpt main pasir.. xingat nk masuk umah dah

Then kitorg ke Awana Kijal. Bermalam disana. duduk Deluxe Room. Spacious, nice and facing pool n beach. Lawa giler wa cakap lu. I like this place. Will definitely come again. tp too bad laut ombak kuat sgt do kitorg just stand kt tepi n spend hours at pool hehe. My kids hantu air so we really had fun.

Breakfast dia OK. byk choices. tp nasi dagang dia fail. tak blh beat the one my fav kt Chendering. or even kt Hai Peng Kopitiam.

Next holiday, we plan to go to Langkawi this May/June(selepas plan ke Bali xjadi-money constraint hehe). So skrg kena simpan duit nk shopping!!!!

BTW, here's my kids doing what they do the best when at home ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

baking enthusiasts

i always found baking very therapheutic. it always helps me to de-stress. I've been passionate bout baking since i was a teenager but when i became a mom, i seldom bake. I have no time to do that.

but now since my kids "dah besar sikit n i have a maid", i always try to find my own sweet time in my little kitchen to bake. I've attended fondant and sugarpaste deco class. Looking forward to join royal icing class pulak hehe. I noticed nowadays so many ppl are crazy over cupcakes buttercream deco. Frankly speaking, I do agree they look nice but I still prefer cakes without topping(esp buttercream. I hate them! but I do love cream cheese frosting hehe. i think fondant and royal icing very cantik)

here are some of my latest experience with recipes i found online(from other bloggers). They were good and yummy. Will post the recipe later.

Pandan Muffin

Almond Crumble Cheesecake

** sedikit hangus almondnya coz i forgot to cover the top part with grease paper to prevent the almont from burnt hehe.. but it still tasted very good.

wanna have a slice anyone?? hehe

** we r in Awana Kijal on a short holiday. Will update photos soon. This place is awesome!