Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Farris @ KRISTA

Farris will be 4y-o this coming March. But he's not like 4y-o kids when it comes to speech. He can be very friendly and talkative at times but in his own what we called "German Language".

So n me n hubs decided to send him to Playhouse/PlaySkool so that he can mix around and hopefully will establish his "speech/vocals" skills. We enrolled him to Playhouse at KRISTA kindergarten. They have a lot of modules and approaches to cater for all ages.

This week is the 2nd week he's in school. We are very surprise to see him very keen and eager to go to skool everyday. Thank God! The first 2 days of skool(5/1 and 6/1), I was on leave. My hubs lagi over. He was on leave for 3 days (5/1-7/1) to uruskan anak dia pg skool. The 1st day of skool, he doesn’t want to wear the skool uniform (I’ll post his pix in his uniform soon). He wanted to wear his Ultraman Nexus T-shirt instead. The 2nd day of skool, he reluctant to get into the van (skool van). 3rd day onwards.. Easy breezy...

Last Monday when I was praying, I heard he sang "Twinkle2 Little Star" in his own language/style. But the rhythm and was there. The only correct understandable words coming from his mouth was "what you are"... the rest of the song was like he's mumbling in Japanese mix with Germans hehe. I always sang the same song to him since he was much smaller but he never sang back. That was the 1st time I heard he sang the song. I think they must be singing that song with the teacher in the class.

Last night, he came to me at wee hours when I was sleeping with Safiya, his younger sister. As he was lying next to me, I asked him sleep. He wasn’t asleep for quite sometimes. I kept patting on his cute butt to get him to sleep (I just want him to get enough sleep coz I don’t want him to miss his skool). I heard him clearly chanting "next week, next week, next week". I don't know what's with next week. But all I know is I am so touched and impress and happy and excited over his development hehe. I hope he can speak fluently soon so that we can speak the same language and we can chat like bunch of friends all the time. I can’t wait!!! But I won’t pressure him of course. My hubs told me that he's planning to buy Farris a hp when he can speak fluently so that he can call Farris whenever he feels like doing so. Err.. why dont u buy a new hp for me as well dear? My hp pun dh almost kaput hehe. but I only accept new and canngih model ok ngehngehngeh.

Anyway.. I am looking forward to see him today after work. I want to see whether there's other surprise from him today or not..

As for my little pretty angel Safiya.. She’s doing great and I don’t think she'll be having speech problem like his brother coz she seems to be very talkative (compared to his Abang when he's at her age) and Safiya now can say few simple words clearly. And she likes to talk too.. GIRLS!!! What can I say hehehe..
Or maybe she takes it after me? It runs in the blood you know. Hahah I'm some kind of byk mulut punya org. I can talk a lot.

Okeh. Signing off now.. Gotta settle a lot of programming works today...

Saturday, January 10, 2009


My first entry..

Well, I had a blog once but kaput already(lama xupdate lahg) so I deleted it. But now I'm creating a new one. Not because of I am much free now compared to last time but I just feel like expressing my thots n feelings in front of this dear laptop.

I have so much to write about now. From my kiddos (prince : Farris now turning 4, princess : Safiya barely 1 yr 4m-o) development and progress, to my career life and my hobby-cum-passion -> bakings.

Will write more. but now I'm signing off for something better------ ZZZZZZ.

Signing off,