Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aging me..

People aged, including me. Some people, they are obsessed about getting their youth back. I wasnt one of them....

Speaking bout beauty and youth, I never consider myself as a pretty lady, so I dont really "kesah" of aging, blemishes and etc. But this pregnancy has taken its toll against my skin condition that it dehydrated so much up to the extend the skin itch and pedih! So I've changed, from not-so conscious me to very-conscious me now.

I visited Pavillion last mth and one Biotherm salesperson approached me and offer to analyze my skin for free (pakai those alat2an kamera bagai dunno lah). I can see clearly that my skin was badly dehydrated and I already developed signs of pigmentations and dark spots.. It scared the hell out of me and she managed to convince me to spend RM410 (after discount of couse) for 4 barang (cleanser, toner, moisturizer and the-most-needed-stuff-for-ageing-lady-like-me-SUN BLOCK). Phewww!

Been using it for a month now. I'm still me, belum cantik yer hahaha.. But the skincare really helps me improve my skin hydration level. my skin feels softer and more moisturized now. I never follow diligently any beauty regime before, but now am trying very hard to do all the steps. Wish me luck friends ;). *harap2 xhangat2 taik ayam dah lepas ni*

Aquasource - the moisturiser that do wonders on my skin. Yay!

p/s: some updated on pregnancy progress. The baby finally turned! Alhamdullillah. The placenta was "moved" up therefore there are spaces for the baby to turn now. Syukur sgt2.. BUT.. at 28weeks, he weighed 1.3kg.. mcm besar aje kan.. huwaaaaa!!! xperla nak, asalkn sihat sudahlah ye. tp kalu bules mama nk bersalin normal.. xnak ikut tingkap ni. huhu