Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Loooong day at work!

the time is now 1.30am and i'm still in office.. Actually i just started work at 6pm and it's only gonna ended at 10am tomorrow. hell yes.. am working for straight 16hours y'all.. *cry*

pray hard that after long 16hrs of torturing my body and my brain, i still have the energy to drive back home.

if it's not for the DR (disaster recovery) test run, i wont be here.. this is part of IT support job whereby we need to run at least 2 round of DR tests every year to ensure that the system is running in good and full mode. this DR purposely to support the business.. in case anything happened to the production server (fire, flood etc) that caused it to fail, the company can always swap to DR server and run the business as usual. This is part of business continuation plan and practiced by every financial institution all over the world. mana bules rugi betul tak? hohohoh

and as a result, it's us, the IT support personnel have to suffer for lonnggggg hours :(

now am keeping my finger crossed and hoping that i wont have to do this anymore in future.. huhu

i'm aiming to do another kind of job in 2012.. till then, i will have to bear with all the pain of supporting system in IT department.. *sigh*

p/s: i have so many things to write but i guess i'll wait until my brain works in full throttle. :P