Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Edisi mencari kelas part I

sedang menaip sambil berbual dgn farris yg sedang main game PS2..
riuh dok bercerita psl game grand theft auto ni. yg aku blh paham cuma..

"dont go to one level xxxxxxxx.. dont touch. look xxx.. lets be quiet. now the police xxx. tengok! mama mari sini.. jangan naik atas xboleh. find that motor. see, one hundred. he's very good. now tembak up there. dont touch him, police!".. and byk lagi ayat2 lain yg aku xsempat nk salin...

* xxxxxx tu ayat2 yg aku xleh paham..
bila dia excited n bercerita panjang, dia akan fail kerana lost in his own words yg aku xpaham. tp kalu dia nk bercerita setakat 6,7 patah perkataan dia ok.. maybe bila dia nk open up for more conversation dia jd lost for words kot. or maybe mmg vocab dia kurang... wallahualam.. yg ni pun aku nk tanya doktor dia nnt.. harap2 aku xlupalah..

anyway ni artikel yg aku jupe.. psl phonics method utk ajar budak2 disleksia..

Yang kat bawah ni pulak, list2 center yg provide kelas utk disleksia.. insyaallah nnt aku call one by one (kecuali yg sarawak n penang tu lah) and update important info kt sini.. insyaallah..

kalau aku jumpe tmpt lain pun aku akan update lg nnt.. kalau ada sesapa yg tau ttg center2 lain, sila bgtau ye. sharing is caring ;)
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Dyslexia Association of Sarawak - Address: Lot 3180, Block 11, 1st Floor, Jalan Kedandi, Tabuan Dusun, 93350 Kuching.

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