Monday, October 18, 2010

hapdet terbaru??

yaa saya sgt busy..
byk yg nk diceritakan.. yg dh dijanjikn kpd pembaca2 setia yg hanya beberapa kerat sahaja haha.. antaranya cerita ttg cuti2 Gambang watercity (owh cerita lama giler), pangkor trip last week.. dan juge progress anak2 dan aktivitas menguruskan badan saya.. begitu juge dgn cerita maid baru saya..

my husband asked me to blog on 'how to apply JP Visa for your Maid (who came into Malaysia as a tourist).. but that can wait.. i'll update next week on that.. now am gonna blog on perkara2 lain.. things that actually lingers on my mind..

Airasia's low fares ticket dah dua kali keluar.. but i didnt book any yet.. reason being : we are in need of saving more money. we have to save, save and save. why? it has something to do with my maid.

this yr, we actually went for holiday once every 2 mths. our next trip will be in Dec, to Penang (insyaallah).. my maid is here now but she's in a condition that might caused us another headache. she misses her kampung so bad. she is homesick! she asked us to allow her to go back to her hometown.. and it's BACK FOR GOOD! she said that only after she's 2 weeks with us. she is one good maid and she is actually much beter than my previous maid.

so now we're in the midst of layan dia baik2 and pujuk dia to at least stay with us for 1yr.  but actually both me and husband started to look for another alternatives, just in case she suddenly decided to leave us anytime soon. we contacted few agents to get us a new maid.. but so far, none from Indon. not easy to get an Indon maid nowadays. so we opted for Muslim Cambodian or Mindanao maid. and to tell u the truth, that will caused you a bomb. they are too expensive..

we have to get a maid, not becoz of i cant handle the housechores.. but my daughter reluctant to go to nursery. before our new maid came to our house, we have been through 2 months of so-called 'torturing period' everyday! she'll scream her heart out day and night.. until she lost her voice, sakit etc.. we had no choice.. my daughter is one girl who's very pampered since the day she was born. she doesnt want to stay outside her house. she wants to stay in, doing her favorite stuff with all her favorite things..

i have few plans in mind on next trip. but i guess, let us settle with this 'maid thingy' first. so fow now, shopping pun tak.. padahal dh boring giler dgn baju yg sama, seluar yg sama :'(

sometimes i feel like quitting my job.. but i know that wont be happening in near future...

signing off folks.. yeah i know this is one lengthy post without any photos. so boring yeah.. haha will chg the mood in the next entry..