Tuesday, June 1, 2010

of 6 wonderful years..

Last sunday, 30th May 2010 was my 6th wedding anniversary. technically, no celebration was made coz we were in Terengganu since last Friday. balik kampung jenguk mertua and visiting all the ipar duai. Was so touched when my Datin Sis In law wished us Happy 6th Anniversary. ingat juga dia.. huhu terharu terharu!

I didnt give my husband any cakes on his birthday. He said i baked for everybody's bday but i didnt bake for him. So i kept telling myself ok, i'll get him cakes for anniversary. if i bake, then it wont be a suprise anymore kan. since i like naughty cupcakes so much (i think they are awfully cute and kinky and loyar buruk kind of thing), so i decided to order dari yang pakar (i cant do figurine. i dunno why. i think i'm lack of imagination. i can do flowers. sometimes, very gud one. but not figurine. I can't even make a teddy bear out of fondant!).. the pakar that i'm referring to here is nattasha (btw dia sgt jarang update gmbr kek dia. so u might not be seeing this in that blog). saw her product that she made for mazid farewell, so i kinda like them to be presented to my husband yg sangat pemalu orangnya.. if i want to give to husband, definitely i'll give something that i cant make kan. kalu tak xder la sepeselnya. yg ini mmg saya nggak bisa buat!

here's the cupcakes.. i requested her to make figurine with big booby heheh. but the truth is, it didn't represnt me ok.. i dun hef that sexy figure. seksa ada laa... hahaha

husband was on MC yesterday so i delivered them to his office. I called his fren and asked him to put them in his room. Today he called me and said thanks but he said "malu nak bagi kawan2".. i thot so! he is kinda loyar buruk tapi pemalu. Padan muka kau hahaha! but later he called me and said his frens were ecstatic over the cupcakes and some of them took the picture of the cupcakes. he gave one of the cupcakes to his boss (the one with "boxer" topper). his boss asked him "seluar ni dh pernah pakai ke belum?" *LOL*

6 years in marriage life... often i heard from my newly weds frens that they are having problem with their partner, they dont like certain behaviour of their partner etc.. things like that.. couple as in courting stage and couple as in marriage life is 2 different stage of relationship. you'll never know the true color of your partner until you stay under the same roof. Kitorg pun sama daaa...

Masa baru2 kawin dulu, we fought a lot. asik gaduh aje. dh ada anak sorg lg la gaduh aje. i guess the transition phase from single to married life did take its toll against our marriage. masa ada anak lg la stress aje. Farris suka meragam so masing mengelak dr jaga anak time mlm.. siang dh penat keja.. so gaduh lg. but thank god, we gradually change and become better and better. we understand each other better.

some ppl said their husband only being romantic and helpful during the 1st few months or 1st yr of marriage. but in our case, it's terbalik. my husband wasnt that romantic and helpful sampai ada anak sorg. dah anak anak, am so grateful that he changed 360degrees. he's more helpful until now. setakat basuh pinggan, basuh kain, sidai kain, buang sampah, mandikan anak, basuh berak anak, gosok gigi anak, semua dia rajin buat. Alhamdulillah.. skrg wpun dh 3taun ada maid, tp asben still mandikan anak on weekends, pakaikan baju.. n tiap2 malam weekdays or weekends, his duty is to make sure the kids brush their teeth and pakaikan pampers sebelum tido. berak pun dia basuh kan.. heheheh.. i'm hands off from those poo poo unless he wasn't around.

am so glad and thankful that we have come this far and so far, it is smooth sailing 6 years of marriage life. So glad that our lives and relationship getting better and better each day. My life is so meaningful for having him part of me and the kids are actually made us even happier.. May Allah bless my life and the life of all the people that I love and care about.. insyaallah aminnn..