Sunday, June 20, 2010

I need a new wardrobe

yeap. u heard me. i need a new wardrobe. the old wardrobe cant store all our clothes (read: husband's clothes) anymore. i had to hang them in another room as a temporary solution. what a sore-eyesight rite??

been hating this condition and being me who's perfectionist about how my things shld be arranged, i'm now cracking my head to find solution (pls ignore my workstation in office. they full of junk and looks so messy. i didnt do that in purpose ok. it shows i'm one hell busy worker dontcha think so?? hehehe).

been eyeing on Ikea's wardrobe. some ppl told me that they are way too expensive. but for me, the price do the talking. i have many items around the house frm ikea and they never.. NEVER gives any problem to me.. I love the quality and the wardrobes are actually comes with 10yrs warranty.

I told my husband that i eagerly wanted to buy wardrobe. my husband said "sabar".. ok ok i sabar.. then subsequently i saw him bought PSP for Farris. ok u asked me to sabar, but now u r spending your money on entertainment purposes?? ok.. now i sabar n urut dada haha!!! which one is more important? the PSP or the wardrobe???

the truh is, i cant stand the sore eyesight anymore.. my last day of working is on 23rd June which is next wednesday. i have few more days of "free days" before we fly to KK and before i start work at new company. I think i better hop into Ikea within next few days and buy one for myself.. doing IPP 0% for 24mths perhaps... shopping alone and using my own money (err i mean credit card haha).. let him roll his eyes once he saw me "wasting money" again.. hey at least am wasting for something that beneficial to the whole entire family am I rite.

btw if u wish to see Ikea catalogue on the beautiful and practical wardrobe, do your hopping here

I love Ikea. I love everything practical.. (that is why i love tudung ala ariani coz they are more practical. we call it auto tudung. no more manual tudung. someone suggested to me that arab style of tudung lilit2 is kewl. i think they are kewl but not for me. not practical enough for me. nk pg solat pun lambat nk bukak n pakai.. cool for those "sabar ladies" but definitely not for me ehehe)...