Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Saw this in local magazine yesterday. It made my heart stop beating for few seconds.. (amboii poyo lebis hahaha)...

Guess Jumbelina Ladies Steel Bracelet Watch 

I dont have any wrist watch right now. Why? coz sumer sudah kaput. tukar bateri pun dh xjalan. nk smpi ajal la gamaknya. I think since few months ago KOT . why not getting new one? Coz never think of buying a new one. I'm someone who will still live happily without a watch as long as I have my handphone with me (sbb hp kan ada jam so leh tgk kt hp aje hihihi). And Yes.. I am a very simple person.
BUT.. the moment i saw this.. my heart drop. I show the advert to Kak Ana and Tasha and said "cantiknya" (and of course with maximum excitement). and u know what??? I WANT THIS WATCH!!!!!! I dunno the price yet but my bet is not less than RM500. owh am keeping my finger crossed that the price wont be as high as RM1K huhu..

Someone told me that I shld ask my husband to buy me this watch. The truth is, I never ask him to get me anything. Never (well at least as long as i remember.. NEVER). why? coz if i get something that I ask him to get me, there'll be no excitement at all! I dont mind receiving cheap prezent from my loved ones as long as they give it out of their goodwill and their intention. Not because of I ask.. lagi satu, i cant tolerate well with rejection. If I ask frm someone and they said NO, I will be frustrated la pulak..

my husband shld be lucky for having me as a wife.. yes? haha. aku xmintak.. n xbgtau dia pun aku suka jam ni.. tp kalu dia nk bg aku sgt suka huhuhuhu

I have spent BIG amount of money within 2weeks. therefore, I'm not in the position to spend more now. but am sure will get this as a present for myself - IF I'm successful in losing my weight by at least 6kg to be at my ideal weight. Am challenging myself to lose 6kg by Raya. If I manage to do that, I'll buy this for myself.