Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cerita psl holiday

as u all know, i'll be going to Jakarta/Bandung this mth end. Me happy? yeap.. but it will be my budget trip therefore i need to plan properly for my expenses and the things I'll buy.

But I actually more excited bout our family holiday in KK. i had to revamp my initial plan coz this will be budget trip as well. But am so lucky for having so many kind-hearted frens who are there to help me re plan hehe. Thanks to Marsal and Suhaimi, they made my life easier hehe

Few of my collegues just came back from KK. it's all guys gateway to KK and gunung kinabalu. So they came back with lots of advices and tips for my holiday. I already finalise on which hotel we'll stay and roughly what are the activities that we'll do while we are in KK. i have yet to put them in my itenary. Will need to check with hubby and my fren's availability. We'll stay in a hotel in KK. but we plan to find some time to visit kawan lama.. am so excited to see them coz i havent met them for 3 yrs if my memory doesnt fail me. the last time i met them, their girl was still very small.

this if the fun part. Am gonna share wif u what we are looking forward to "indulge" in KK. hehe. Pictures courtesy of Marsal. This fun place is just walking distance from the hotel we'll be staying.. hehe best best..

tempting? i bet they are huhu

lobster y'all !

ikan bakar!! wah rasa nk berjoget hehe

and below are the must haves for every woman..


ok before boarding to KL, musy buy these and bring back home.. yeeeehaaaa...

balik umah n masak!!!!!!

Will blog more on my planning. Stay tune.. hehe