Friday, April 16, 2010

Cerita pasal kasut

Actually i wrote one entry bout a comment posted by anonymous at my previous entry (jadi mewah tulis blog). the comment was hitting me real hard.

After few hrs posted the entry, i decided to call it off i.e; delete it. why? coz i think it's a waste of time writing back and explaining things to someone that prejudice. I rather think "certain things are better left unsaid" works well than well said lengthy explanation. bak kata lagu KRU "diam adalah pintar" *LOL*

She (yes it's a she. how do i know? biarlah rahsia) can write wat ever she wants. but wether i am a saint or evil, or wether i hold any grudge, jealousy or hatred toward others, it is Allah works to decide. As i always said, this is a personal blog, i hope that those who would like to take a peek into other ppl's lives, do it without a prejudice. I wrote there clearly.. i didnt say it's right or wrong. it's just my personal view of the article only. And if she read the entry with a open heart and mind and without prejudice, i think she shld be able to get the message. Having said all of above, i dont care if she still thinks that i have so called PHD.. coz I know who i am. I can lie to others. but i cant lie to myself and most importantly, i can never lie to Allah coz Allah see what's inside you. Allah knows my intention and that is what matters.

Ok. Enuff said and now back to the topic i wanted to blog about.

I love shoes. am sure not so many people know that i love shoes coz they hardly see me change shoes. the truth is, i love shoes. i dont fancy designer handbags. but i do buy wallet yg sedikit mahal. i dun mind to put my RM200 wallet in my RM50 handbag. yes babe that is me. Shoes and wallet. *but wallet dah rosak baru beli baru xder tukar2 ye*

eventhough i love shoes.. i dont have many pair of nice looking shoes. I dont buy things that i will seldom use/wear. as a mother of 2 growing toddler, my weekends gateway with them are my session of cladding in a pair of jeans and a pair of crocs. i travelled to workplace on big bike wif my dear handsome boyfren (read: husband). therefore i will be in my crocs. but i do have 2 pair of shoes that i left under my table. one is high heels from Lewre and another one is not so high sandal from Bonia. i will chg from crocs to one of the shoes if i have to see any bosses. haha. my latest kasut yang cantik adalah frm Sole Lovely and i bought purposely for my annual dinner and i will use the shoes for my raya as well. will post the photo soon. cantik sangat (di mataku okies)

I am so in love with ALDO range of shoes. they are beautiful and classy with extensive of nice colorful looking shoes. one of my collegue, Nattasha, she is one lady with good taste of shoes. She has extensive collections of shoes. i absolutely in love with her Nine West shoes that she bought purposely for her wedding. and she has one nice Steve Madden heels. She has nice looking Glads and Oxford shoes. ada jugak Guess paten kulit harimau and few Crocs. lain2 kasut i dont know n i dont check the brand and malu nak tanya so i pandang aje hahaha.. another person is our kerinting boss i.e our GCIO. oh dia pun kasut sgt2 cantik. (padanlah dgn gaji dia yg besarrr itu kann)

But above all, my fav is Nattasha's hantaran kasut, a shoes from Juicy Couture and it's red in color. the shoes made me droolllllll.. I will ask for a photo of the nice shoes from her and will post here. let us all drool together gether okies.

Here are few shuz/sandals that i would love to have them. but am sure i wont have them even in next 5 yrs to come. mahal donk! *hutang MARA blm langsai lagi mao beli kasut mahal2?? ahaks!!!*

wa wa wa cantik kan.. tp harganya berpeluh laa..

terbaekkk! kalu aku beli gamaknya kalau kejar anak aku lari lg laju ke ATAU aku bakal melihat dunia dr perspektif berbeza ( dr bwh ke atas sbb dh tergolek!) ???

Jimmy Choo. owh cun giler

lagi Jimmy Choo..

Platform ini juga akan menyebabkan aku melihat dunia dr perspektif berbeza... but it's too sexy to resist doncha think so?

Platform ini menyebabkan aku rasa mcm wonder girls.. (read: rasa nk bergojet "i want nobody nobody but u"...)

*** will update more on the photos.. stay tuned..