Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cerita tentang kerja baru

how do i start?

well i actually been looking for a new job since past 1 yr. went to few interviews but to no avail. recently i went for an interview in KL and i got the job.

1st, i was happy. and then later the dilemma comes.

i am in doubt. of to accept the offer or not. The offer is ok ok only. increment of around 20% from my current salary.

i've been here for many years. i feel stagnant, demotivated and lazy. i dont feel the fun of learning, exploring coz there's nothing to explore anymore. i know everything already. i know every ppl that i worked and liase with very well. i know their moods, i know their style. no fun! salary is the only force that drive me to move every bones in my body to be here. but not my heart.

but when i got the offer, suddenly i feel like not going. i think this is the problem that all of us encounter. once we got too comfortable, we decided not to move. we are worried that the other place wont be as good as here. This is what i feel right now. life there could be the same or worse than here. but it could be better. no one can tell. So, I keep on telling myself, to love is to know. how would u know wether that place is better or worse unless we take that step.everything in god's hand. so now, i'm leaving all this to god's hands and am sure god will definitely guide me thru.

but if i resign, means i have to forgo my bonus. worked for one whole yr but hef to forgo the bonus. that sucks big time! and i took staff sundry loan in yr 2007. have 2 more yrs to settle the loan. but since resigning, have to settle all. lose bonus but have to fork out savings to pay off the loan. furthermore i have planned for my shopping trip in jakarta as well as my family holiday in KK in June. Looks like i had to revamp every plan that i made. have to save every penny that i can. probably the shopping trip to jakarta will be my trip to good sundanese massage and spa only. sob sob..

have to sacrifice everything. i just pray hard to God that leaving here to the new place is the best decision. i pray for a better life, better future, better career.

having said all of the above, i know that god has granted my wish. and now it's my turn to pay him. my turn to chg myself into someone who's more bersyukur to every gifts and rezeki given by him. i pray hard that i will be a better person, better ummah day by day. May god bless me, my life and my family. as well as my frens.

if i leave, i'm sure i will miss this place. i will miss all my frens here. some of them are like family to me. this is one of the toughest decision i ever made in my life. when i received the offer to join Alliance Bank, it took me less than 1 minute to accept. but to leave this company, it's been more than a week and i still dont have any decision yet. This company is a good working place i must say. i love this place.. but i know that i have to keep on moving.

I will have until monday to make up my mind. I hope I will make a right  decision - a decision that i hope i wont regret in future. May Allah show me the way.