Monday, December 28, 2009

tahun baru

i absolutely hate my job.. yes. very2 much.

i hate the batch support at wee hours. this means that i have to be in office in wee hours to solve all the prod prob.
i hate to liase with users who are pretending like they are such a big dumb a** (or maybe they are real dumb a**)
i hate my superior bosses who are very bad in management but very good in kissing upper management big dumb a*ss.

Ok enough about my job. i have so many lists of things and wishes that i wish to accomplish in yr 2010. I hope that by the end of 2010, i will be doing something else. totally different from what i've been doing for years now.

am moving on with full gears now. Just one more year to go. I pray that Allah will show me the way through. Aminn...