Thursday, November 12, 2009

AirAsia Deal

ok finally much awaited happenings of the year tiba jugak. after 2 days attempt to book free seats to KK, i only managed to get it on 2nd day. tp hampa sikitlah pg xdpt free seat. balik aje dpt free seat.

apa2 pun ok lah. dh book pun n we'll be flying to KK (kalau diizinkan tuhan, diberi kesihatan yang baik n dipanjangkn umur) on 27/6/2010 and we'll stay until 30/6/2010. lmbt lg kan? hahahah.. biasalah airasia bg freeseat masa travel period berbulan2 jauhnya..

been eyeing Shangri-La Tanjung Aru dr dulu lagi. check td ada good deal. tp biar dulu xnk booking dulu. but that hotel is definitely in my top list to stay lah.

some ppl asked me why spend so much on hotel n travel to domestic places. go oversea will get the same package. my answer is simple. coz my 2 toddlers kecik lagi, berjalan jauh tu malaslah. lecehla. selain dr kena buat passport, takut dorg cant survive long journey. since anak2 blm besar btl ni, i prefer pg domestic, tp spend kt good hotels, nice beaches, and good spa.

here's my wish list to complete before taking off to KK next yr:

i) buy DSLR (and learn how to use n produce gud photos)
ii) terer swimming dulu
iii) simpan duit byk utk pg SPA n shopping
iv) simpan duit byk jugak to enjoy all the good seafood yeah babeh...

harap2 blh capai semua diatas ;)