Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Made my day

I received an order last week - a lady ordered 25pcs red velvet with cream cheese and strawberry for her dad's bday.

I was reluctant to take the order coz i wasnt had enough rest since the week before coz i baked almost everyday and i woke up at wee hours just to deco them. But then my hubby told me that just take the order coz it's for the father's bday.. probably she didnt know where else to buy cakes OR no one wants to take the order anymore. So i accepted the order nad bake her 1 set with strawberry n choc. I bake on monday night and deco the cake at 5am next day. was a tiring one indeed.

She came all the way to my office to pick up the cuppies. She's a sweet lady and she came with her sister. yesterday i mailed her asking her feedback on my cuppies. and below is the reply..

" hie...the cake is very nice.. my family like it.. i pernah mkn red velvet nie.. tapi kat hotel...i was about to order cake from org lain.. suddenly when i tgh busy2 browsing, i came accross your website... first time i jumpa org buat red velvet.. terus la order.. i made a good decesion.. the cake was good...thanks.. klu ade ape2 blh order lg nanti...BTW nice knowing you.. "
It really made my day when knowing someone out there loves my cakess. Baking is quite tiring but i'm happy when people happy with the result. when the customers are happy with my cakes, it really made my day. Feels like all the effort that i put in is "all worth it" .. ;)