Monday, July 27, 2009

new gadget

Baking dh mmg my hobby since i was teenagers. Ingat lagi dulu2 bila balik rumah tok, mesti buatkan dia kek mentega pelangi hehe. tok panggil kek panas(sbb dia makan masa tgh panas2). smpi dh besar (tua) ni, bila tok makan kek yg org lain buat tok still akan ckp "sedap lagi kek panas ana(nama manja kt kg ok.)". N kalau dh lama xbalik buatkan tok kek tok akan ckp "bila ana nak datang ni buat kek panas". Baking ni dh mmg minat (n talent kot) since zmn budak2.. tp masa kecik2 aku pun suka pomen barang. tu psl masa sambung belaja amik engineering (tp end up jd programmer. long story anyway.. i screwed up, made a big mistake n here i am...)

I dare to say that I can bake in my family and friends environmen, but i'm always game to learn frm proper source. Will attend deco cookies class this sunday and been planning to take Wilton Method Class 1 this coming Oct. Yup, all the courses will costs me a bomb. I need to set aside big amount of money for that purposes. **phew**

And here's what's best to talk about - Finally, at the age of 31 and after 3 yrs of residing at own house, i got myself a big standing oven. Alhamdulillah. Sebelum ni adala pakai oven tp kecik aje. kalu nk wat baine marie pun xleh sbb saiznya yg kecik limited sgt saiz loyang yg blh masuk. N since last yr, bila ada masa n duit lebih sikit, setat invest pg kelas, beli brg, beli buku, wat reading thru internet n all. Tp before this sumer tu limited. not only financial constraint.. tp masa jugak. ada anak kecik n breastfeed pulak tu. So now, thanks to dear husband, i got myself a Europa Valencia 688e oven frm Jetcook system range. N my next plan - enroll to as many as classes as possible, bake more and hopefully one day, this will be my playground... and who knows, it will turn into home enterprise (I do pray hard for this to happen, i must say).

The oven itself quite bulky. dapur comel aku dh jd makin sempit. tambah pulak letak oven tu atas troli (ikea mari). saja mls bubuh bwh (atas lantai) coz xnk anak2 ter"touch" the body masa aku tgh baking. takut jd domestic injury pulak. Tp decision utk letak ats troli tu sbnrnya yg add up to sempit tu.. xkisahlah... must think of the kids safety 1st.

my cute little kitchen. nmpk tak oven tu atas troli? tggi daulat dia hehe

So my 1st attempt utk test drive oven tu, aku bake 40pcs of red velvet cuppies. guna 2 layers of tray. and they were baked beautifully huhu**victory dance**. mmg cpt masak, masak sekata n tak tau lah nk ckp apa mmg puas hati lah. It has all the criteria that I needed in an oven - big, i can fully utilised the space/trays, produce good results and most importantly - byk function. Value for money hehe.

So here's the cuppies in the oven. note the tray a bit senget hehe(tp pas sekali bake, the tray xsenget anymore. ke aku yg salah place dlm oven??). The 2nd layer aku guna tray oven kecik aku aje sbb aku xbeli extra tray. Tp aku blh pulak beli extra "jaring2" tu. dua sekali beli (costs me additional rm50). i must look for more trays after this..

and last but not least, here's the photos after i frost them with cream cheese frosting (and topped with cherry. yummy!!) btw, i always got rave reviews (with this cuppies) EVERYTIME from those i gave the cuppies to. Thanks to internet.. i manage to find all the recipes by "glue"ing my eyes to this not-idiot-at-all box whole day surfing the net!